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The Glenwood School

The mission of The Glenwood School is to build a strong foundation for students in grades K-5 focusing on family, education, diversity, community, and faith.

Educational Program Overview

The Glenwood School is a small neighborhood K-5 Christian school located on the campus of New City Fellowship east of downtown Chattanooga with one class per grade. Instruction and curriculum practices include:

  • Language-rich classroom environments
  • Literacy instruction specific to needs
  • Math instruction including coding and real-world problem solving
  • The study of history and science in connection with other subjects
  • Bible and technology integration
  • Weekly chapel time
  • Flexible Seating options that allow students to move as they learn

Admissions Process

The Glenwood School admissions and financial aid processes begin with each prospective applicant going through the checklist as outlined below. Applications for the 2022-2023 school year are accepted beginning on September 1. The application process must be completed by January 31. We will continue to receive applications after this date as long as there is space available.

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  • Admissions Application

    Complete the Online Application. (Scroll down to find The Glenwood School and select appropriate grade level). A one-time, nonrefundable application fee of $25 is required to submit the application. A pastor recommendation will be needed.
    *Cost to attend is $7,100* per student. Financial aid is available by application.

    *Projected rate, pending Board approval in January 2022.
  • Admissions Committee Evaluation

    The Admissions Committee will evaluate all applicants, and admissions decisions will be made as soon
    as possible.   
  • Financial Aid Application

    Complete the TADS Application, then click Financial Aid Assessment. Click Financial Aid Instructions for help. You will need the following:  
    1) 2020 W2 
    2) 2020 1040 Form 
    3) Recent paycheck stub
  • Transcripts and School Records

    Please use the Transcript Request Form to submit the following records from your student’s current school (1st Grade and up only):
    • Grades and test scores for last three years
    • Exceptional Education records, if applicable
    • Additional records, as needed (i.e., discipline records, eligibility report)


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  • Education Model

The Glenwood School is based on a proven education model under the accredited structure of CCS. To the right is a performance summary showing student progress in year one and two of our first micro school, The King School.

The Glenwood School Team

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  • Shonda Caines

    Head of
  • Nicha Jean

    Principal, The Glenwood School and The King School
  • Kevin Smith

    Senior Pastor, New City Fellowship

The Admissions Team

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  • Meg Word

    of Admissions
  • Angie Anand


Come Visit

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  • Our Campus

We would love to hear from you! Please call or email Angie Anand to schedule a tour: 423.265.6411 or

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