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The physical, intellectual, spiritual, and social-emotional well-being of our students, families, and employees is of the utmost importance. To remain face-to-face on campus all year, our community must prioritize and implement health precautions designed to limit the spread of COVID-19. The most important aspect of community health is for students and employees to stay home when sick.

In consultation with guidance from the CDC as well as local and state health and government agencies, we are asking the CCS community to support and participate in the following health precautions. 
  • Complete daily health screenings through Ascend and staying home when instructed to do so
  • Securing a release from a qualified medical professional to return to school
  • Maintaining 6 feet of physical distancing wherever possible
  • Wearing a mask indoors even when 6 feet of physical distancing is possible
** Student Health Information for the 2020-2021 school year can be found on the Roadmap to Return web page by clicking the button below.


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  • HealthReach

    We have made significant additions to our health facilities and staff to better serve the CCS Community. CCS Student Health now includes 3 Noncontagious & Contagious offices staffed by 5 healthcare professionals. 

    Galen now has several options for parents and faculty to schedule an appointment in advance. 
    CCS Dedicated Line (to schedule an appointment during the school day for students, faculty, or family members): (423) 485-5580
    After Hours Line (evenings and weekends): (423) 497-5359
    Off-Site COVID line (for a COVID test at their Gunbarrel or Hixson location): (423) 618-9006

Dermatology with Galen HealthReach Clinic

The Galen HealthReach Clinic on campus is now seeing dermatology patients. This service is available for CCS staff, students, and their families for issues like acne, eczema, skin infections, dandruff, alopecia, psoriasis, and more. Dr. Kate Schuster with Galen Dermatology will see patients on the first MONDAY of the month at CCS (not Wednesday, as previously communicated). She will send a staff member to give hands-on care and will be working with the patient via telehealth. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call CCS Galen HealthReach at 423.485.5580.

Meet Our Health Staff

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  • Dr. Kate Wilson, MD

    On-campus Galen HealthReach Pediatrician
    Read More
  • Kaley Mounce, FNP-C

    On-campus Galen HealthReach Nurse Practitioner
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  • Amie Brown, RN, BSN

    CCS Director of Health Services & School Nurse
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  • Services: Telehealth, MyGalen App, Health Staff, Galen Services

    How many health offices are there on campus this year, and where are they located? 
    • There are three health offices this year. The Student Health Services Noncontagious and Contagious Offices are located in the back of the Learning Commons, across from the Lunch Pavilion. The Galen HealthReach Clinic is located in the Middle School; the external door to the clinic is by the entrance to The Learning Center.
    What is the function of each health office? 
    • We have two CCS Student Health Services offices—one for noncontagious students and one for potentially contagious students. Students who need a bandaid or their daily medications visit the Noncontagious Office where they see our Director of Health Services and School Nurse, Amie Brown, or her assistant. Students who are feeling ill visit the School Nurse in the Contagious Office. We also have a Galen HealthReach Clinic for students and staff wishing to schedule a visit with the Galen HealthReach Provider. 
    Who is staffing the CCS Student Health Offices?
    • Amie Brown, RN, BSN, is our Director of Health Services and School Nurse. She will have an assistant as well.
    Who is the Galen Pediatrician for CCS?
    • Dr. Kate Wilson, MD is the Galen Pediatrician who will be located at CCS. She is joined by Kaley Mounce, FNP-C, who is also able to take visits for students and staff members.
    What type of services and tests does Galen HealthReach perform?
    • Galen treats minor illnesses and injuries along with performing screenings and labs. They are able to test for flu, strep, coronavirus, and mono.
    What is the MyGalen App, and how does it work? What do I have access to?
    • The MyGalen App is a way for parents to communicate with Galen. Parents have access to their students’ Galen medical records.
    How would I access telehealth?
    • Parents can request a telehealth appointment through the MyGalen App.
    Can I access telehealth if I’m not on campus?
    • Parents may access telehealth even if they are not on campus.
  • Access: Who, When

    Do all the members of our family have access to telehealth or just the student?
    • Parents have access to the MyGalen App which allows them to request a telehealth appointment for anyone in their family who wishes to use the service.
    Are faculty and staff able to use this service?
    • Yes, Galen is partnering with us to provide care for our faculty and staff as well as our students.
    When do services start?
    • Services begin on August 18, the first day of school.
    When is the clinic open?
    • The clinic is staffed Monday-Friday. Hours of operation are 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM.
    Can Galen help when my child is not in school?
    • Yes, parents may use the MyGalen App to request appointments.
  • Process: Procedure, Permission, Containment

    When would a student be sent to the Galen HealthReach Clinic, and when would they be sent to Nurse Amie?
    • All students who are feeling ill are sent to Nurse Amie first. After Nurse Amie assesses the student in the Contagious Student Health Office, she contacts parents and asks if they would like their student to be seen at the Galen HealthReach Clinic or with their PCP if further medical evaluation is deemed necessary. If parents want their student to be seen on campus, then the student has an appointment scheduled with the Galen HealthReach Clinic. 
    What if my child has seasonal allergies or other chronic health issues? Should I go ahead and get a note from our pediatrician so my child is not sent to the School Nurse or the Galen Pediatrician every time he or she coughs or sneezes? 
    • Yes, it is helpful to have a record of the student’s condition so that this can be taken into consideration. However, please note that this does not guarantee that the student will never be sent to the Nurse’s office. We need to monitor all students with symptoms similar to the coronavirus. The student will only be seen by the Galen HealthReach Provider if the parent agrees that they should be seen.
    What happens if my child gets sick during the school day, but we do not want to use the Galen HealthReach Clinic?
    • Students who are ill are seen in the Contagious Student Health Office and receive the same care that they would normally have by Nurse Amie.
    When my child is being assessed by Galen, do I have decision making ability just as if I were there on campus, talking to the doctor in person?
    • Yes, in fact, parents have the option to participate in the visit via Zoom, or to come on campus and physically be present for the visit.
    What if you try to call for a telehealth visit and don’t reach me?
    • The student cannot be seen until we have successfully reached a parent or guardian and received permission for the visit. Students are cared for until we are able to get in touch with a parent.
    Does Galen perform any tests on my child without my knowledge?
    • No, students are not be able to visit the Galen HealthReach Clinic until a parent or guardian has given permission for the visit.
    Does CCS Student Health staff and/or Galen HealthReach communicate with my PCP or pediatrician?
    • We communicate with a family’s PCP or pediatrician only if parents sign a waiver giving permission for us to share information. Good follow-up and continuity of care with a child’s established PCP is encouraged.
    Are really sick students in the office with not very sick students? 
    • We are doing our best to make sure we do not share germs, and we have built out our offices and adjusted our processes accordingly. The Galen HealthReach Clinic has privacy curtains around each bed and a separate contagious room so that we can keep the sharing of germs to a minimum. The Contagious/Noncontagious Student Health Offices should ensure that students who are not sick are never in the same room with students who are sick. All students who are seen in any of the Health Clinics are required to wear masks, and proper disinfecting takes place after each visit. When a sick student is picked up by a parent, parents are asked to park near the baseball field, and students are walked outside to their car after a visit so that they do not come back through the school buildings.
  • Testing: Who, How

    If I want someone in my family to get tested, do we come to CCS or go somewhere else?
    • Testing is available to students, faculty, and staff on the CCS campus. CCS and Galen will host a “drive-through” testing day to be announced in the near future. On-campus testing logistics are being finalized. Galen also has testing available at their Hixson location and Gunbarrel Road location.
    If we are traveling or are just curious, can we ask for our child to be tested?
    • No, these are situations in which parents would need to use other available testing services. Galen HealthReach only tests when there is reason to be tested—i.e., possible exposure, being symptomatic, or when a policy requires it (e.g., “back to college testing”).
    Does Galen perform any tests on my child, including the coronavirus test, without my knowledge and permission?
    • No, parents must give permission for all of Galen’s services. 
    Does Nurse Amie perform any of the tests or is it always Galen HealthReach?
    • Only the Providers with Galen HealthReach perform tests.
    Can you describe the coronavirus test that you use and how it is performed? How is the specimen collected?
    • There are two types of coronavirus tests that Galen uses. One is a simple nasal swab (not the deep nasopharyngeal swab). The other is a spit test.
    Does the coronavirus test hurt?
    • No, the coronavirus test does not hurt. It is important to us that students feel comfortable and unafraid of the test so they are willing to be open and honest about their symptoms. 
    How accurate is the coronavirus test?
    • Both tests have higher than a 96% accuracy rate.
    How long does it take to get the results back?
    • It takes 1-3 days to get the results.
    Do you report a positive coronavirus test to the health department or to CCS?
    • All positive tests are legally required to be reported through the Hamilton County Health Department (HCHD). Under CCS policy, parents should let Nurse Amie know when a student tests positive.
    What do I do if I originally opted out of Galen HealthReach services, but now I want to opt in? How do I change my mind? 
    • Parents should contact Nurse Amie, and she will walk them through the steps.
  • Eligibility: Ascend, Clearance to Return

    What do I do if Ascend indicates that my child is not eligible to be on campus?
    • Parents should contact Nurse Amie, and she will inform parents of what they need to do. If a parent would like their student to be seen by Galen, Nurse Amie will also help set up that appointment.
    How can Galen help if Ascend says my child is not eligible to be on campus, but I think it is incorrect, and I want my child to get back on campus ASAP?
    • Parents should contact Nurse Amie to arrange for their student to be seen by a Galen HealthReach Provider. If they feel the student is healthy enough to be on campus, they will sign a doctor’s release to be on campus.
    If a student is tested in the clinic for COVID-19, flu, or strep based on mild symptoms (cough, sneeze, etc.), are they automatically sent home for a period of time, or can they return when symptoms end?
    • Students are automatically sent home until they get their COVID-19 test results back. Flu and strep screens are point of care tests and will be available immediately. We recognize this is an inconvenience, but we are committed to  lessening the chance of potential exposures so that we can reduce the risk of having to shut down the school this year. Students are able to do at-home learning until they are cleared.
  • Billing

    Is there an increased cost in tuition for all these new services?
    • No, there is no additional cost in tuition for these services.
    How much does a visit cost?
    • Costs vary depending on services performed, but the cost is similar to what parents pay at a MinuteClinic visit or at a sick visit with their PCP.
    How do I get billed? Is it billed through my insurance? 
    • The Galen HealthReach Clinic bills for sick visits directly through the parent’s insurance. Parents pay whatever they normally pay for a doctor’s visit.
    How do I know if they take my insurance?
    • Galen takes all types of insurance including TennCare. The only insurance they are unable to bill to is TriCare. If a parent has this type of insurance, contact Galen before using the service.
  • Privacy

    Are you HIPAA compliant?
    • Yes, we are HIPAA compliant.
    Does Nurse Amie have access to our medical records?
    • Nurse Amie does not see the Galen HealthReach medical records. Those are protected under HIPAA. This means parents need to turn in documentation—such as a release to be on campus—directly to Nurse Amie just like they would if they went to their pediatrician.

Medical Forms

Medical forms must be resubmitted for every student at the beginning of each school year. All medical forms are completed on the online database, Magnus Health, available to parents on the MyCCS parent portal.


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  • Illness

    When a student becomes ill or is injured at school, parents are contacted depending on the severity of symptoms.

    In an effort to control the spread of infection, parents are strongly encouraged to keep their student home if he or she is sick. A student may return to school once he or she is fever-free for at least 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications. A fever is considered 100.0 degrees or higher.

    If a student is an athlete, in order to participate in athletic games or practices, the student must be present at school and attending classes by 11:00 AM.
  • Immunizations

    All new students must have a Tennessee Immunization form submitted to Magnus by July 15. Any student missing the required immunizations and/or form will not be allowed to start classes until the form is uploaded to Magnus. All PreK, Kindergarten, and 7th grade students require an updated immunization form before starting school. These forms should be uploaded to Magnus.
  • Medications

    For any student taking medication of any type during the school day (including over-the-counter medication), state policy requires that the school nurse must have a Medication Administration Form on file. Medications for Lower School students must be brought to the Lower School Office by a parent. For Middle and High School, as long as a Medication Administration Form is on file, students may keep medications with them in a backpack or purse. All medications must be in the original container with the student’s name clearly marked. Any medication must be supplied by the parent.

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  • Contact Us

If you have questions regarding student health, contact our School Nurse, Amie Brown, at