• A place to grow.

  • A place to learn.

  • A place to create.

  • A place to compete.

  • A place to flourish.

Aspiration Statement

Chattanooga Christian School desires to be a leading Christian school that is distinguished by its redemptive discipleship through rigorous curricular programs promoting Christ-centered critical thinking and co-curricular programs that allow students to fully display their diverse talents and skills while fostering an enthusiastic love for their school community.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to prepare students to lead and serve with distinction while representing Christ and seeking His Kingdom in all areas of the home, church, society, and culture.


shield A place to grow.

Learn More About Us

Making History Come Alive

CCS 8th grade US History teacher, Clay Huffaker, uses the city of Chattanooga as his classroom. Hear Mr. Huffaker and his students describe how telling powerful stories in beautiful, historic places makes history real and encourages empathy.

Challenging Students, Supporting Families

Mrs. Azelia Sims has found her niche; she loves teaching 2nd grade and working with her fellow teachers—her extended family. Hear Mrs. Sims and the Noland family describe how CCS faculty and administration work together and come alongside parents to meet each student where they are.

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    May 23
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    June 10-11

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