High School

9th-12th Grade

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  • High School

We're committed to preparing students for further study at the nation’s top colleges and universities, for service to their communities, and for leadership in their respective fields of inquiry.

Advancing Potential

CCS not only prepares students for college, but we also prepare students for life. Our faculty understand that students have different academic needs, and they're committed to helping them reach the peak of their potential and take what they've learned beyond the walls of CCS.

Learning doesn't stop outside the classroom. From outdoor adventures abroad and at home to historical tours of Italy and France, we invite students to celebrate the beauty of creation and the diversity of the world, its history, and its cultures.

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  • 9:1

    Average Student to Teacher Ratio

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  • 40+

    AP & Dual Enrollment Classes Available

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  • 87%

    Students Scoring 3+
    on AP Exams

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  • 35+

    National Merit Finalists & Commended Since 2009

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  • 24.3

    Average ACT Composite Since 2017

Our Curriculum

Our goal is to equip students to be faithful participants in God’s redemptive work. Our teachers partner with parents to provide a safe place for new and sometimes challenging ideas to be explored.

Our comprehensive curriculum includes honors, general college prep, and AP courses, ranging from Statistics and English to U.S. History and Physics. In addition, we offer more than 40 dual enrollment classes through partnerships with Dordt University and Covenant College. Faculty emphasize a rich and balanced approach to all subject disciplines so students develop a coherent, integrated understanding of truth.

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  • Electives

    Students can choose from a variety of electives such as entrepreneurship, drawing, ceramics, woodworking, choir, band, dance, theatre, web development, and more.
  • English

    The English program equips students to evaluate and construct arguments, establishing a strong foundation for students to read deeply and write well.
  • History

    History courses encourage students to think critically, ask questions, and formulate answers, actively investigating the past and evaluating its significance and meaning.
  • Math

    In math, students reason and analyze skills and techniques in a variety of ways. They practice problem solving orally, in writing, and through collaboration.
  • Science

    The science department features five state-of-the art labs with full utilities including a fabrication lab and student collaboration space.
  • STEM

    Our new STEM labs offer opportunities for coding, engineering, robotics, 3D design, and digital research methods so that students can gain essential skills.

Crossing the Cultural Divide

While studying abroad, World Language teacher Elea Mahla discovered her passion for cross-cultural connection. Listen to Ms. Mahla share why this enriches our faith and why it's so exciting to travel with students.

"Language is not just words but the communicator of culture and a gift from God that allows us to express the deepest longings of our hearts."

Elea Mahla, Upper School World Language Teacher

Our Approach

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  • Academic & College Counseling

    Academic and College Counselors give attention to individual students' gifts, interests, and post-graduation plans by offering strength assessments, career guidance, support for all aspects of the college search and planning process, and oversight for the multiple details of the college and scholarship application process. For more information, visit the Academic & College Counseling page.
  • Assessment

    Just as assessment of appropriately measurable goals can provide insight into areas of strength and areas where improvement is needed for the whole instructional program, so classroom assessment can equip teachers to adjust rigor and instructional depth to meet individual student needs. Summative assessment allows a student to demonstrate mastery and understanding as a culmination of a unit or year of study, including overarching concepts, essential questions, and understandings. Formative assessment equips both teacher and student to evaluate the progress that is being made and to adjust teaching and learning in order to accomplish the goals that the summative assessment will measure. Effective assessment is both formative and summative. 

    Grades are intended to communicate the level of student mastery of course content and skill standards, and in the context of CCS, capacity to engage essential questions and enduring understandings. As a result, summative assessments comprise 50-70% of a student’s grade for a course.
  • Exceptional Education Program

    Exceptional education support is available in both the Lower and Upper Schools through integrated classrooms, intervention, and therapy as well as through more comprehensive services in The Learning Center. With minimal support through accommodations, assistive technology, or modifications, most students can participate with their same-age, typically-developing peers for all school activities. We maintain high expectations for all students. Each service plan for students with a diagnosis follows the professional standards for accommodations and modifications on individual testing and diagnosis.
  • Interim

    For a week during the third quarter, all regular classes are suspended, and students and teachers re-align to engage in a host of truly co-curricular activities. Teachers offer alternative “classes,” and students sign up according to their interests and course availability; these offerings range from international trips and local opportunities to make and sample French cuisine to surfing in Florida and bass fishing on the Tennessee River.