Middle School

"There is something unique about the way a Middle School student learns. They can reset, refresh, or open themselves up to something new or something better." —Jim Arnold, Middle School Principal

6th-8th Grade

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  • Middle School

Middle School is an adventure. Our faculty embrace this, and they're dedicated to educating and understanding the minds and hearts of students.

Making Connections

Our Middle School curriculum connects all subjects for a more meaningful learning experience. Students are encouraged to make their own connections between subject areas, aiding their natural learning process and helping them discovered God's world and their place in it.

We emphasize experiential learning throughout Middle School to deepen connections. Students take learning outside the classroom through field trips around Chattanooga, the Festival of Nations at Dollywood, and a Heritage Trip to Washington, D.C. As they visualize the historic context, students are stimulated to analyze the story empathetically, synthesize information, and broaden their understanding.


For Love of Middle School

Hear how Middle School math teacher Craig Lubbers seeks to model a love of learning as he helps students approach complex problems.

"We wonder about patterns, make connections, and explore multiple strategies to solve a problem. [Students can] use their knowledge as they seek answers and truth. They can apply those same things that we do in math in their walk with Christ."

Craig Lubbers, Middle School Math Teacher

Our Program

Our goal is to equip students to be faithful participants in God’s redemptive work.  Our teachers partner with parents to provide a safe place for new and sometimes challenging ideas to be explored.

We do this through comprehensive curricular program with honors and general college prep core courses. Students may also choose from robust arts and world language offerings as well as an array of electives including studio art, band, choir, theatre, computer science, and physical education.

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  • Assessment

    Effective assessment is both formative and summative. Just as assessment of appropriately measurable goals can provide insight into areas of strength and areas where improvement is needed for the whole instructional program, so classroom assessment can equip teachers to adjust rigor and instructional depth to meet individual student needs. Summative assessment allows a student to demonstrate mastery and understanding as a culmination of a unit or year of study, including overarching concepts, essential questions, and enduring understandings. Formative assessment equips both teacher and student to evaluate the progress that is being made and to adjust teaching and learning in order to accomplish the goals that the summative assessment will measure. 

    Grades are intended to communicate the level of student mastery of course content and skill standards, and in the context of CCS, capacity to engage essential questions and enduring understandings. 
  • Class Size

    The average student-teacher ratio in the Upper School is 10:1, and the average student load for each teacher is around 88.
  • Courses

    As Middle School students make connections across subject areas, explore the world around them, and increase ownership of the learning process, they lay the groundwork for a conceptual, inquiry-driven approach to studies in the High School. 

    Click here to view our Course Catalog. Click here to view typical course offerings for Middle School.
  • Exceptional Education

    Exceptional education support is available in both the Lower and Upper Schools through integrated classrooms, intervention, and therapy as well as through more comprehensive services in The Learning Center. With minimal support through accommodations, assistive technology, or modifications, most students can participate with their same-age, typically-developing peers for all school activities. We maintain high expectations for all students. Each service plan for students with a diagnosis follows the professional standards for accommodations and modifications on individual testing and diagnosis.

Building Confidence

Middle School students explore the great outdoors while participating in team building and high adventure activities. Together they conquer challenges—building confidence in each other and in themselves.