Flourish Expanded: A Chattanooga Christian School Campaign

Flourish: to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.

Generous support from the many family and friends of CCS makes it possible for our school to support need-based tuition assistance and to fund capital expansion through the Flourish and Flourish Expanded Campaigns. One hundred percent of the funds to support the Flourish and Flourish Expanded Campaigns is raised outside of tuition and fees. We are extremely grateful for the sacrificial giving of the CCS community throughout the history of the school. 

The Flourish and Flourish Expanded Campaigns focuses on six initiatives: 1. Upper School Science Labs, 2. Lower School Building, 3. Student Life Spaces, 4. Need-Based Tuition Assistance, 5. Commercial Kitchen, and 6. The Learning Center. Read more about each initiative below. 

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Upper School Science Labs

(Completed Spring 2018)

What: Five new state-of-the-art labs with full utilities, a new fabrication lab, new classrooms, and a student collaboration space near the entrance of the High School.

Why: Only one of the current labs has proper space for experiments, but that lab was built in the mid-1980s. The other labs have inadequate space with mostly donated equipment. To accommodate more AP classes and increased interest in Science & Chemistry, a full overhaul is needed.

Student Life Spaces

(Open-Air Pavilion Completed November 2018; Other Projects In Progress)

What: A new Open-Air Pavilion, expansion of the Varsity Gym, renovations of the Fine Arts Center and Learning Commons, an all new Spirit Shop & Café, and a new Indoor Athletic Facility.

Why: With consistent growth over the last 10 years, CCS needs more classrooms and student life spaces. There are not enough covered spaces for students to eat lunch, and there is a lack of gathering spaces for collaborative study. The Varsity Gym needs more seating as well. 

The Learning Center

What: A space located in the center of the CCS campus, specifically designed for 30+ students ages 12 years and older with more significant needs. In partnership with Siskin Children's Institute for diagnostic and therapeutic services, the center will focus on work-based learning, independent living skills, and individualized academic instruction.

Why: The center will prepare students with more significant disabilities for work, life, and community while fostering relationships within the entire CCS community. It will further equip CCS to serve whole families and will provide a continuum of care for students and families.

CCS Athletics Business Partners

CCS Athletics Business Partners are families and local businesses who advertise with and support athletics at our school.

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CCS Fine Arts Friends

CCS Fine Arts Friends are families and local businesses who advertise with and support Fine Arts at our school.

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Lower School Building

(Completed August 2018)

What: A 1200+ square foot Lower School building, a covered walkway on the existing Lower School building, an early childhood playground, renovated Middle School classrooms, and an outdoor courtyard for Middle School students. 

Why: The Lower School lacks PreK classrooms with bathrooms in the classroom. In addition, with the increased interest in STEAM, new spaces are critical. There is limited space for hands-on, ongoing, project based learning, especially in the Lower School.

Need-Based Tuition Assistance

Commercial Kitchen

What: Millions of dollars in tuition assistance to be distributed to families over the 2017-2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020, and 2020-2021 school years.

Why: CCS has served families for 50 years, and the Lord has grown the school from 40 students to an enrollment of near 1,300. Approximately one in three students at CCS receives tuition assistance.

What: A full commercial kitchen with soup and salad bars and grab-and-go stations offering healthy options to students. The Lunch Pavilion will also be redesigned. 

Why: Families and staff members interested in a wide range of flexible lunch options will have access to consistent, affordable, and wholesome meals. 

For Excellent Teachers Endowment

The For Excellent Teachers Endowment supports teacher compensation and faculty development. 

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