Interim 2020 Options

A Co-Curricular Opportunity

Nearly 25 years ago we adopted the concept of an Interim Week in the High School occurring midway during the third quarter. During this week (typically three or four school days scheduled right after President’s Day or another regular break), regular classes are suspended, and students and teachers re-align in groups of various sizes to engage in a host of truly extra-curricular activities. Teachers offer alternative “classes,” and students sign up according to their interests and course availability; these offerings have ranged from overseas travel to organizing the Orange Grove Prom to bass fishing on the Tennessee River to a hundred different things in between.

Our reasons for taking a break while still remaining “in school” have remained pretty much the same over this past quarter century.

  • The course offering should be educational. In this context we understand “educational” to be that experience and/or knowledge which measurably broadens the student’s understanding and appreciation of the world and its Creator.
  • The course offering should be unusual. The Interim Week experience should be something not ordinarily available to the student.

Course offerings should be opportune in two different ways. First of all, they should maximize teacher-student relationships outside the academic classroom, and secondly, they should be occasions for teachers to share with students their non-academic interests and/or their academic interests in non-conventional ways.

All students are required to sign up for a CCS Interim course or trip, earning a quarter credit for their choice. Interim participation will be waived in the event of a family emergency or student illness that prevents a student from participating.

For the 2019-2020 academic year, Interim will take place February 18-21 and April 6-9, 2020. Dates for some trips may vary. A list of options is available above.