Our Philosophy

At the center of the CCS educational philosophy is the collaborative partnership between the home, church, and school. CCS claims to be neither the primary educator nor the primary spiritual caretaker of the children we serve. Parents have been entrusted by God to be the primary educator, and the church is established to be the center of worship and discipleship in the life of each child. CCS was created to be an extension of both the home and the church, created for the specific purpose of educating children from Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. The mission of CCS is most effectively implemented in the life of the child when the specific partnership between the child’s home, church, and school is closely knit together in a cohesive learning community.

In the context of a strong home, church, and school partnership, CCS seeks to orient its programs and practice around five Philosophical DistinctivesGrace-Filled Community, Integrated, Christ-centered Discipleship, Individual Student Growth, Rigorous Curricular and Co-Curricular Programs, and Truth-Based Critical Thinking.

Complete Distinctives

Our History

Since 1970, the sustaining force behind the core quality of Chattanooga Christian School has been its committed faculty and staff. From the early days of the school, when 2 full-time faculty led a small group of students, to the present day, when more than 100 faculty lead 1,250 students, God’s faithfulness has been most evident in the people he has called here to teach and disciple students. Through the sacrificial efforts of these staff and faculty members came the development of a comprehensive, biblically-integrated, Christ-centered curriculum and extraordinary curricular and co-curricular programs. Nowhere has the strength of the school been more historically evident than in the quality of relationships that are developed between the teachers and students. 

In 48 years, the growth and change at CCS has been a clear testimony to God’s faithfulness and the sacrificial commitments of parents, students, faculty, staff, administration, the board, and countless CCS supporters. The richness of our history gives us great hope for the future!

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