History of CCS


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  • 50 Years

    Like the Israelites who celebrated the Year of Jubilee, we are excited to celebrate 50 years of God’s faithfulness to Chattanooga Christian School (CCS). As we look back over the past 50 years, we are able to see God’s astounding provision for CCS. During the best and most challenging of times, God’s steadfast love has established the foundation on which thousands of students and families have been able to learn and grow.

    While the challenges of COVID altered our plans to celebrate our 50th Anniversary with the broader community, we have been continually struck by God's faithfulness and therefore hope that the 50th Anniversary Video Series and Commemorative Book will be appropriately celebratory. We trust these pieces remind you of treasured moments in times past and encourage you for the present and future of CCS.

1970-1983 Small Beginnings

In 1970 a group of parents on Lookout Mountain—most from the Covenant College community—decided to answer the question about secondary education for their children by starting Lookout Mountain Christian School. The sacrifices that were made during those early, fragile moments, when it was often unclear whether the school could even continue, pay dividends more than 50 years later. The heartfelt commitment to a distinct, Christian school identity remains a substantial part of the core structure around which every part of CCS is built. The bold step to move down the mountain in the early '80s and establish our current home in a car dealership demonstrated foresight and stewardship that remains directly connected to our financial health and sustainability today. The courage and resilience of the people who risked much to step out in faith inspires us as we stand on their shoulders to build on what they so beautifully established.

1984-2009 A Place to Grow

On a new campus off the mountain that could handle the enrollment growth God would provide, the faculty and staff went to work to strengthen a distinctively Christian, high-quality education. The wisdom of the school’s Board and administrative leadership to faithfully steward the school's resources in the midst of significant increases in enrollment established a commitment to constructing mission-appropriate school buildings without accruing long-term debt. The unity of purpose and strength of commitment shown by teachers, administrators, building and grounds staff, support staff, and business office personnel enhanced what had been created in the early years and created a unique identity that would shape the school for years to come. And countless volunteers served faithfully, generating a culture of service that encourages and uplifts us even today.

2010-2020 Leading & Serving

It is a wonderful privilege to stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us to serve a new generation of CCS students—many of whom are children of CCS graduates. Because of the expansive growth of the 1990s and early 2000s, CCS has been able focus its thinking more intentionally, as a whole community, on how to add depth to the curricular and co-curricular programs and services that value the unique way each student bears the image of God, connect students to the whole community, and equip them to lead and serve with distinction while representing Christ and seeking his Kingdom in all areas of the home, church, society, and culture.