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Fall Musical 2019 (MS)  Spring Musical 2019 (HS)

Theatre Mission and Philosophy at CCS

  • To engage the creation, fall, and redemption of God's world by analyzing, understanding, and then recreating human nature in a way that is perhaps impossible without theatre.
  • To stretch students personally and artistically; to comprehend the values of hard work, respect for other human beings, and reception to constructive criticism; and to learn how to use theatre for God's glory.  
  • To educate and serve our community by telling compelling stories by way of personal artistic expression.

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Who can audition for the fall musical?

  • Auditions are open to all Middle School students first. The roles we cannot fill with Middle School students will be open for Lower School students.

Who can audition for the spring musical?

  • Auditions are open to all High School students first. The roles we cannot fill with High School students will be open for Middle and Lower School students.

Do I have to sing, dance and act during the audition?

  • Yes! It's a musical! And it's fun!

lion king simbaHow can I prepare for my audition?

  • Come to our optional Audition Workshop on August 20 (3:30-5:00 PM)
  • Learn your song and scene well so you feel confident.
  • Warm up your bodies and mentally prepare for your audition. Auditions are like applying for a job: make a good impression!

What are call-backs?

  • They are NOT a list of people who have made the musical. Call-backs are to see things we didn't have a chance to see during auditions.

Can fall athletes audition for the Middle School musical?

  • Yes, but your role will be limited to ensemble only. You are expected to be in rehearsal any time between 3:30 and 5:30 on a weekday that you aren't at practice. You are required to attend all rehearsals beginning October 2 (or when your sports season ends).

Please contact with any other questions.