Serving and Supporting Students to Help Them Develop Academically and Personally

teacher with graduating senior student

Guidance Counselors at Chattanooga Christian School are committed to partnering with parents and delight in serving and supporting students to help them develop academically and personally during their years at CCS.

Guidance Services is made up of three components: Academic, Personal, and College and Career.

Academic Guidance

Academic counselors assist students in their course selections with great care given in partnership with teachers to find the appropriate level of learning for each student and to develop a four-year plan of courses. 


Counselors lead grade level teacher teams to provide a healthy level of academic accountability for students. Middle School students falling behind in their homework are referred to an after school academic study hall and to assistance with executive functioning and study skills. Struggling students in Middle School and High School are linked to available tutors. Counselors are available for individualized follow up with students who are at risk because of academic or personal reasons.


Testing and assessments provide a helpful tool for counselors working in personal relationships with students. Academic progress is assessed using the Aspire Test in grades 6-10 and the PSAT in grades 10 and 11. Counselors provide support and assistance to help maximize student performance. Test preparation classes are available for the SAT and ACT. Personal knowledge and growth is encouraged through assessments such as Learning Styles Inventory, Strengths Explorer, Career Interest Profiler, and the Myers Briggs Personality Inventory on Naviance.


The Guidance Staff implements a curriculum to provide students with knowledge and skills needed to succeed in high school and to prepare for College and Careers. During the Engage Period, students meet as grade levels or in assemblies for activities such as presenting summer learning opportunities, student completion of personality and strength profiles, college mini-fairs, etc.. They also meet in small advisory groups of 10–15 students led by faculty members to implement aspects of this curriculum that are best done in small groups.

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Personal Guidance

Personal growth is encouraged and support given by counselors assisting students in exploring and developing their gifts, working through relationship issues, responding to personal and family crises, etc. Counselors are available to provide social and emotional support and basic on-site counseling. Partnership and referral to community counseling resources are also available.

Contact the Director of Guidance for further information. 

College & Career Guidance

College and Career Services are a vital element of the care given to CCS students. Counselors focus attention on individual students' gifts and interests, assisting students to navigate the process of self-discovery to gain greater clarity about God's call on their lives. 

College & Career Guidance