Supporting students as they navigate college application and career preparation

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Chattanooga Christian School College Guidance Counselors focus attention on individual students’ gifts and interests. Assisting students as they navigate the process of self-discovery is paramount to what we do. To help students gain greater clarity about God’s call on their lives, we provide the following services:

  • Career Guidance
  • Support for all aspects of the student's college search and planning process
  • Oversight for the multiple details of a student's college and scholarship application process

Academic Profile Scholarships

Guidance Resources:

Four-Year Academic Plan:

The four-year plan lists the variety of opportunities made available to facilitate student exploration of their own stories and how they might fit into the larger narrative of Kingdom work. Designed to inspire students to engage in thoughtful and purposeful introspection, the four-year plan guides students as they learn about their strengths and callings through the use of various assessment tools.

Grade 9: Laying the Groundwork: How Do I Learn Best?

During the 9th grade year, freshmen will be introduced to Naviance, the web-based college and career counseling database, and will engage in the following activities:

  • Complete a Learning Styles Inventory 
  • Review Learning Styles results with small, counselor-led group
  • Consider individual learning preferences that can facilitate successful academic progress
  • Begin resume building and engage in self-growth opportunities
  • Consider course options and create a four-year course plan

Grade 10: Purposeful Introspection: What Are My Strengths?

In 10th grade, students will become increasingly purposeful in exploring their strengths and interests by engaging in the following activities:

  • Take Strengths Explorer on Naviance
  • Review results with a Guidance Counselor to affirm strengths and to identify potential blind spots
  • Take the PSAT (Pre-SAT) and Aspire (Pre-ACT) in the fall (administered at CCS)
  • Continue to build resume list of 9th and 10th grade activities
  • Visit with several of the 75 college representatives that visit CCS each year

Grade 11: Navigating Opportunities: How Do My Strengths Inform My College and Career Decisions?

Eleventh grade students are given ample opportunity to continue in purposeful self-discovery while learning how to navigate the college and career planning process. They will:

  • Complete the Career Interest Profiler
  • Complete the Do What You Are assessment (Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory) and follow-up with a Guidance Counselor to review results
  • Continue discussions with guidance counselors and faculty about academic strengths, co-curricular activities, and personal attributes
  • Take the ACT and/or SAT
  • Meet with the College Guidance Counselor to review student transcript, discuss college search plan, and confer regarding the specifics of the application process
  • Pursue volunteer, shadowing, or work experiences
  • Visit and research colleges
  • Meet with several of the 75 college representatives that visit CCS each year

Grade 12: Making Decisions: To What and Where Am I Called?

It is not uncommon for seniors to experience a myriad of emotions in response to impending changes. CCS College Counselors provide a framework for a smooth application process, in hopes of minimizing seniors’ (and parents’) anxiety about the process. Seniors will:

  • Begin the application process in the summer before senior year, noting deadlines, narrowing choices, becoming familiar with application checklists, and writing essays
  • Discuss details of the college application process with the College Guidance Counselor
  • Request letters of recommendation (if required) by September 1
  • Aim to complete all college applications by October 15
  • Become familiar with and meet the various scholarship application deadlines
  • Submit the FAFSA between October 1 and January 15