Theatre Department

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  • Mission

The mission of the CCS Theatre Department is to engage the creation, fall, and redemption of God's world by analyzing, understanding, and then recreating human nature in a way that is perhaps impossible without theatre. We strive to stretch students personally and artistically; to comprehend the values of hard work, respect for other human beings, and reception to constructive criticism; and to learn how to use theatre for God's glory. We hope to educate and serve our community by telling compelling stories by way of personal artistic expression.
“The real beauty of theatre is that it is a collaboration of various art forms and the unique people God made us to be. In working toward a theatrical production, all of our abilities are actually enhanced by working together. It is always amazing to see God weave the students' gifts together to create a final work of art—unique and beautiful."
- Mary Catherine Schimpf, Theatre Director

Musical Information

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  • Fall 2019 Musical Info

    Fall 2019 Musical: Annie, Jr.
    Chattanooga Christian School’s Theatre program offers the opportunity for Middle and Lower School students to audition for our Fall Musical. Students will learn and improve upon their acting, singing, and dancing skills in the context of preparing to perform this musical on stage for the CCS community in November. CCS Theatre Assistant Director Ellie Austin is the Director, Kara Riley is Music Director, Heath Austin is Technical Director, Jamison Shimmel is Production Manager, and CCS Seniors Gabriella Alvarez and Rileigh Timmerman are the Choreographers.

    • Middle School students make up the majority of the cast.
    • Lower School students are invited to audition for roles that cannot be filled by our Middle School students, who will receive first priority. This is an excellent opportunity for young performers to learn alongside older students. The required rehearsal time will match the size of the roles.
    • Fall athletes are all invited to audition. Roles are limited to ensemble only.
    September 3: Read-through (3:30–5:30 on stage)
    All are required to attend.
    September 4–October 3: Regular Rehearsals (Monday–Friday, 3:30–5:30 on stage)
    Schedule is determined by roles cast.
    October 9–November 1: Run-through Rehearsals (Monday–Friday, 3:30–5:30 on stage)
    ALL cast members are required to attend ALL rehearsals at this point.
    November 4–November 12: Dress Rehearsals
    3-hour rehearsals all days.

    Note: ALL cast members are required to attend ALL rehearsals.

    November 13, 15 & 16: Performances
  • Spring 2020 Musical Info

    Spring 2020 Musical: Newsies!
    The CCS Theatre Department is thrilled to announce this year’s spring musical: Disney’s Newsies. This is a community event, and CCS students and their parents are invited to be involved! All are welcome to join a crew - this is an excellent way to fulfill Charger volunteer hours. Roles will be cast based on auditions, and required rehearsal times will match the size of the roles.  See below for details:

    • High School students make up the majority of the cast.
    • Middle and Lower School students are invited to audition for the role of Les, a 9 year old boy. 
    • Middle School students are also invited to send in a video audition for any other role, with the understanding that roles will be given first to our High School students, and any that cannot be filled will be available to Middle School students. These roles will be very limited. 
    • November 9: Audition Workshop (3:30 PM on stage).  Students are invited to attend this workshop to help choose and prepare audition material.
    • November 18-20: Auditions (3:30-6:00 PM on stage). Students are required to attend Monday for the dance audition, and Tuesday OR Wednesday for the singing and acting audition.
    • November 21: Call-backs (3:30-6:00 PM in the High School Theatre room). If necessary, certain students will be invited to call-backs.
    • December 9: Read-through (3:30-6:00 PM on stage). All are required to attend.
    • December-March: Rehearsals (Monday through Friday 3:30-5:30 PM on stage). Specific schedule is determined after casting.
    • March 10, 12, 14, 17: Dress Rehearsals
    • March 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28: Performances
  • Musical FAQs

    Who can audition for the fall musical?
    Auditions are open to all Middle School students first. The roles we cannot fill with Middle School students will be open for Lower School students.

    Who can audition for the spring musical?
    Auditions are open to all High School students first. The roles we cannot fill with High School students will be open for Middle and Lower School students.

    Do I have to sing, dance and act during the audition?
    Yes! It's a musical! And it's fun!

    How can I prepare for my audition?
    • Come to our optional Audition Workshop.
    • Learn your song and scene well so you feel confident.
    • Warm up your bodies and mentally prepare for your audition. Auditions are like applying for a job; make a good impression!
    What are call-backs?
    They are NOT a list of people who have made the musical. Call-backs are to see things we didn't have a chance to see during auditions.

    Can fall athletes audition for the Middle School musical?
    Yes, but your role will be limited to ensemble only. You are expected to be in rehearsal any time between 3:30 and 5:30 on a weekday that you aren't at practice. You are required to attend all rehearsals beginning in October (or when your sports season ends).

    Please contact the Director with any other questions.