Finishing Flourish


to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.

About the Campaign

CCS has been blessed by the generous donations of more than 500 families and friends who have participated in the Flourish Campaign. We have expanded the campaign for a final year, bringing the Finishing Flourish Campaign target to $11.6 million. This expansion allows the Community to add several new mission-focused initiatives as well as another year of need-based financial aid.

One hundred percent of the funds to support the Flourish Campaigns are raised outside of tuition and fees. We are extremely grateful for the sacrificial giving of the CCS Community throughout the history of the school.

The Flourish Campaign: Transforming Our Campus

List of 8 items.

  • 1. The Learning Center

    (Completed August 2020). A space located in the center of the CCS campus, specifically designed for 30+ students ages 12 years old and older with more significant disabilities.
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  • 2. Commercial Kitchen

    (Completed August 2021). Full commercial kitchen with soup and salad bar and grab-and-go stations; redesign of existing Lunch Pavilion to provide soup, salad, and deli stations; etc.
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  • 3. Covered Athletic Facility

    (Completed August 2020). A 3,000+ sq. ft. facility located near the Power House containing batting cages, golfing stations, and open spaces for indoor practices for multiple sports.
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  • 4. Nancy B. Maclellan Building

    (Completed August 2018). A 12,000+ sq. ft. Lower School building featuring a STEM room, Art room, Library area and 4th and 5th grade classrooms.
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  • 5. Bosworth Gymnasium

    (Completed Fall 2019). A newly renovated venue for athletic competitions that seats 1000+ fans.
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  • 6. Lower School Playground

    (Completed August 2020). Our Lower School Playground has undergone some wonderful changes, with new equipment, benches, and shade. 
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  • 7. Upper School Science Labs

    (Completed Spring 2018). Five new state-of-the-art labs with full utilities, a new fabrication lab, new classrooms, and a student collaboration space. 
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  • 8. Financial Aid

    Now offering $1.7 million per year of aid for qualifying students. This is a significant increase from just over $600,000 given in 2015. This increases access for more families.
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