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Day Camp with The Learning Center

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Day Camp with The Learning Center for young students provides a safe and supportive environment for children who might require additional staff supervision, assistance in the restroom, or help with behavior beyond what is available with the staff-to-student ratio in the standard Day Camp for CCS. Students will still enjoy the activities of CCS Day Camp with their typically-developing peers, but with additional supports in place.

Our Staff

Our staff are trained in caring for students who have needs that go beyond a typical developmental norm for their age. Within The Learning Center facilities, there are places for sensory breaks, large bathrooms if assistance is needed, and a place to go when students need a pause from Day Camp and Specialty Camps.

Weekly Camp Themes

2021 Program Costs

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
3 Days: $200/Week
5 Days: $300/Week

Before Camp Care: +$10/Day
After Camp Care: +$10/Day
Lunch & Snack Option: +$30/Week
ALL Inclusive Package: $430/Week

Contact Us

Day Camp with The Learning Center is for students who have more significant, individualized needs. Parents must meet with the program director to discuss accommodations prior to registration. 

Direct Summer Camps Phone: 423.664.1250
Summer Camps Email: