Providing Professional Nursing Care to Promote a Safe and Healthy School Environment

Medical Forms

Medical forms must be resubmitted for every student at the beginning of each school year.
All medical forms will be completed on the online database, Magnus Health SMR (Student Medical Record).

Magnus Health Portal


If you have questions regarding school health, contact our School Nurse at



If your child becomes ill or is injured at school, you will be called depending on the severity of symptoms. In an effort to control the spread of infection, please keep your child home if he or she is sick. In regard to fever, our health policy requires that a student may only return to school once he or she has been fever free for at least 24 hours, without the use of fever reducing medication. A fever is considered 100.0 degrees or higher. Additionally, if a student is vomiting, he or she should remain home until there has been no vomiting episode for 24 hours. If a student has been seen by a physician and placed on antibiotics for an infection, he or she should also not return until on the medication for 24 hours. 

If a student is an athlete, in order to participate in athletic games or practices, the student must be present at school and attending classes by 11:30 AM. 


All new students must have a Tennessee Immunization form submitted to Magnus by July 15. Any student missing the required immunizations and/or form will not be allowed to start classes until the form is uploaded to Magnus. All PreK, Kindergarten, and 7th grade students require an updated immunization form before starting school. These forms should be uploaded to Magnus. 


If your child will be taking medication of any type during the school day (including over-the-counter medication), state policy requires that the school nurse must have a Medication Administration Form on file. Medications for Lower School students must be brought to the Lower School Office by a parent. For Middle and High School, as long as a Medication Administration Form is on file, students may keep medications with them in a backpack or purse. All medications must be in the original container with the child's name clearly marked. No zip-lock bags, please. Any medication must be supplied by the parent. 


* Religious - This exemption requires a signed statement by the parent/guardian that vaccination conflicts with their religious tenets or practices.

** Medical – Physician (MD, DO) or department Public Health Nurse is authorized to indicate specific vaccines medically exempted (because of risk of harm) on the new form. Other vaccines remain required. The medical reason for the exemption does not need to be provided.