Worshipping as a Community

The Upper School Chapel Program is organized by the Chaplain’s Office to provide an opportunity for community worship, minister to the needs of students, and proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom of Christ. Chaplain Travis Hutchinson, CCS staff members, and frequent outside speakers deliver messages to the community. Our music is provided by the CCS student Praise Bands and musical guests from local churches, colleges, and ministries. It is our hope that CCS chapel services will encourage our community, be helpful to students, and be pleasing to God.

Upper School Spiritual Life

The Office of Spiritual Life & Worship organizes the chapel program, promotes spiritual life in the community, encourages the spiritual formation of students and offers Christian counseling and spiritual direction. There are small group opportunities for worship and prayer, intentional discipleship through the Engage program (especially in the Middle School), and a prayer room which is a space for devotion and prayer for our community and the world.


Our weekly chapel services in the Upper School capture elements from broad Evangelicalism, especially—but not exclusively—the Reformed tradition, as well as the African-American Church tradition. The normal chapel service is structured much like a Sunday worship service, with music and teaching geared towards students. Student representatives are members of the Chapel Committee that plans chapel services on Wednesdays, and students take part in the music, prayer, and occasionally the messages in chapel. Many of the messages center on Biblical exposition or testimonies, but we also have yearly series on Black History and the Gospel, Missions and the Persecuted Church, and Women in Kingdom. 

Chapel is not meant to replace the local church, but to augment its ministry in the life of students and prepare them to be faithful churchmen and women. It is our prayer that chapel will be used by God to grow his covenant children in the grace of Christ and the fellowship of the Spirit so that their lives will be filled with worship and fruitfulness.

In the Lower School, students attend weekly chapel services on Wednesday mornings. Our chapels focus on a different theme each year. Often, various classes will lead chapel. We also have special guests from the community as well as teachers who volunteer to speak. Each month our music teacher, Ms. Lawrensen, teaches the students a new song. Chapel is always a joyous time of praising God, and the kids love it!

Listen to CCS Chapel Messages

About Our Chaplain

travis hutchinsonTravis D. Hutchinson was raised Episcopalian, came to saving faith in a charismatic house church and served in Roman Catholic lay ministry before embracing the Reformed Faith. He is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America. Travis worked with troubled youth for 9 years in Corpus Christi, Texas; served as the pastor of Highlands Presbyterian Church in LaFayette, Georgia for 13 years and has taught as an adjunct instructor of biblical studies at Covenant College since 2001.

Hutchinson has a BA in Biblical Studies from Covenant College, a Master of Divinity from Beeson Divinity School and a Master of Sacred Theology (research in primitive Christianity) from the University of the South. He has been the Upper School Chaplain at CCS since 2013.

Travis is married to Kimberly, a CPA, and has three boys and a large dog. He has a great love of Tolkien, old books and the beach.