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Our desire is to create a collection that reflects and strengthens the unique culture of CCS. Our collection will foster both a focused, academic, learning environment and a sense of unity and school spirit. Both style and quality will stand the test of time, eventually providing an economic advantage for our families. The CCS collection will establish a higher level of campus security giving students, parents and faculty a greater peace of mind.


Why can’t I purchase my uniform from someone other than DENNIS?

While “shopping around” is appealing to some, the end result is a dress code, not a uniform program. We believe strongly that a uniform program is more valuable than a dress code. A uniform program eliminates status and ambiguous rules that are difficult to enforce and create significant relational conflict. It encourages unity and school spirit as well as increases campus security. In order to fully benefit from a uniform program, the clothes must possess same quality, color, style and logo across all grade levels. DENNIS will ensure a consistent product at a fair market price.

Why did we choose DENNIS as our uniform provider?

DENNIS has been in the school uniform business for over 60 years. It is a family owned and operated business based in Portland, Oregon with retail stores in Nashville and Memphis. Throughout the selection process, DENNIS consistently impressed us with expert experience, durable, aordable garments, and impeccable service.

How do I know what size to purchase?

Twice a year DENNIS hosts a Fit Event right here on our own campus. These events enable students to try on different sizes and styles to ensure satisfaction. In addition, CCS maintains a full uniform size run of selected styles on campus. Also, a DENNIS representative is ready to help with any questions during online purchases. DENNIS also keeps a record of all purchases—making re-ordering a cinch.

What about the cost?

Cost will vary depending on number and choice of items purchased. Purchasing one each of the required items for a girl will cost approximately $199.55 and $159.30 for a boy (prices based on Adult L). The first year of uniform purchasing is, unfortunately, the most expensive. While the cost of our required uniform is comparatively low, we are sensitive to the financial impact on families with multiple students. However, after the first year, families will see a decrease in uniform cost due to hand-me-downs and uniform resale opportunities.

How do I purchase the uniform?

CCS uniforms are available for purchase at Click the "shop now" button and enter "Chattanooga Christian School." Uniforms can also be purchased at one of the Fit Events hosted by DENNIS and at the DENNIS retail store located at 63 E. Thompson Lane, Nashville, TN 37211.

When are uniforms required to be worn?

Students are expected to wear CCS uniforms every day unless otherwise informed. On Wednesdays and to specified special events students are expected to wear, as directed, either the CCS Dress uniform or the CCS Casual uniform. On every other day not specified as CCS Dress or CCS Casual, any combination of CCS items purchased from our authorized CCS uniform provider (DENNIS) may be worn.

What is the CCS Dress uniform?

Girls: plaid skirt, long sleeve button down solid blue shirt, choice of sweater vest, cardigan, or blazer and a tie.

Boys: gray pants, long sleeve button down solid blue shirt, choice of sweater vest or blazer and a tie.

What is the CCS Casual uniform?

Girls: solid bottoms, short sleeve plaid shirt

Boys: pants or shorts, long sleeve plaid shirt

What other items are available?

Visit the Chattanooga Christian School section at for a comprehensive viewing of the CCS uniform collection. 

What am I required to purchase?

Girls’ CCS Dress:

  • 1 Plaid Skirt
  • 1 Long Sleeve Button Down Solid Blue Shirt
  • 1 Choice of: Striped Necktie or Navy Cross Tie
  • 1 Choice of: Sweater Vest, Cardigan, or Blazer

Girls’ CCS Casual:

  • 1 Solid Bottom (choice of pants, solid skirt or shorts)
  • 1 Short Sleeve Plaid Shirt

Boys’ CCS Dress:

  • 1 Pair of Gray Pants
  • 1 Long Sleeve Button Down Solid Blue Shirt
  • 1 Choice of: Sweater Vest or Blazer
  • 1 Choice of: Striped Necktie or Striped Bow Tie

Boys’ CCS Casual:

  • 1 Long Sleeve Plaid Shirt
  • 1 Choice of: Pants or Shorts

What about CCS spirit wear?

CCS spirit wear is not considered a part of the required daily school uniform except for designated cold weather gear (see below). Missionally, the purpose for uniforms is to foster a more focused, academic learning environment. Certainly, spirit wear will be allowed on specified days throughout the school year, and those days will be clearly announced.

Are jackets, sweatshirts and hoodies allowed?

Students are allowed to wear any form of CCS outerwear inside that has a current CCS logo. Students are not allowed to wear outerwear options inside the building that have a hood, such as a sweatshirt. Jackets and coats are certainly permissible for outdoor campus activities. During severe cold weather, building level principals will permit jackets and coats to be worn indoors in addition to previously described approved layering.

What kind of shoes can my student wear?

Students are asked to wear dress shoes for CCS Dress uniform and casual shoes for CCS Casual. Shoe options are generally left up to the discretion of the student. Loafers, Wallabees, boots, flats, Sperrys, Chukka Boots, and bucks would all be acceptable CCS Dress uniform options. Chacos, Keds, Vans, and tennis shoes, are all acceptable footwear for CCS Casual.

Are leggings or tights allowed?

Yes, solid navy or gray leggings are preferred; black leggings are acceptable.

Are shirttails required to be tucked in?

Only on special events days or when CCS Dress is required.

What is the return process?

Go to and click on “shop now” for a detailed explanation of the DENNIS return policy.

What is the resale process?

A resale event will be organized by parents in the spring of each year. Please look for emails concerning the details of the event.