Partner Schools

CCS is committed to creating partnerships with local churches to create Neighborhood Micro Schools in order to build a strong foundation for more 6th grade ready students in Chattanooga. The King School is the flagship micro school.

What are Micro Schools?

  • Small Kindergarten-5th grade schools located in underserved neighborhoods.
  • A partnership with churches, using existing facilities, leveraging the backbone of CCS.
  • One class per grade with one master teacher and 12 students per class.
  • Focused on fundamentals, especially reading and math.
  • Diverse population, both ethnically and socioeconomically.
  • All families are invested, some paying full tuition and others partially scholarshipped.
  • Using existing wrap-around care to serve whole families, working with socal service agancies for sustainable neighborhood renewal.

About The Learning Center

The Learning Center provides a truly individualized, comprehensive, educational program for students grades 6 and up who have more significant needs. Located on the CCS campus, The Learning Center is a 3,900+ square foot, state-of-the-art, learning facility complete with simulated home and work environments and academic classrooms. It is designed for 30+ students. Siskin Children's Institute (SCI) offers consultation and integrated therapy services, and Chattanooga Christian School (CCS) provides the educational and social programs.