The Leadership structure at Chattanooga Christian School consists of a Board of Trustees, a Senior Leadership Team, and the Faculty and Staff. To find out more, explore the links below.

School Board

The Board of Trustees consists of 15 members. Board members serve a 3-year term with the option of being re-elected to serve 1 additional 3-year term. The Board of Trustees is charged with establishing the ends that the school aspires to achieve. The CCS President reports directly to the Board of Trustees.

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Senior Leadership

The Senior Leadership Team reports directly to the CCS President. This team consists of the Vice President of Advancement, the Head of Upper School, the Head of Lower School, the Exceptional Education Director, the Athletic Director, the Director of Information Technology, the Chief Financial Officer, and the Director of Human Resources. The Senior Team is responsible for developing and implementing the means designed to accomplish the ends established by the Board of Trustees.

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Faculty & Staff

Faculty and Staff report primarily to the appropriate members of the Senior Team and are charged with executing strategies consistent with the means established by the Senior Team.

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