PreSchool (Ages 2-5)


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  • NOW! Ages 2-5

To better serve our CCS families, we are pleased to expand our excellent PreSchool program to include 2-year-olds. Students ages 2-5 thrive in our safe, nurturing environment where they actively engage in play-based learning that promotes Kindergarten-readiness.

More for Our Families

  • NEW 2 Year Old Program! Full Time Daily: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
  • PreSchool Ages 3-5:
    • 3 and 5 Day Options
    • Extended Care Included in Tuition (3:00-6:00 PM)
    • Continuous Care Bundle available (Includes year-round continuous care during school breaks and summer, daily lunch, and two snacks per day for an additional fee)
  • Newly Renovated, PreSchool-Specific Building
  • Optional Lunch Plan from Brand New Commercial Kitchen
  • Low Student to Teacher Ratio with Nurturing, Qualified Teacher & Paraprofessional in Each Classroom
  • Safe & Secure with Magnetic Lock Doors & Fenced Play Areas
  • PreSchool-12th Grade: Start Here & Stay Here!

Our Approach

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  • Language Acquisition

    Each language- and literacy-rich classroom provides creative play experiences for the right developmental stage of children. Language acquisition is a complex process and crucial to growth across developmental domains. Activities and materials that increase vocabulary, responding, reciprocal turn-taking, and play with language are a part of every PreSchool classroom. We track your child’s language development!
  • Play-Based Learning

    Our classrooms are activity- and movement-focused both inside and outside to keep young students engaged in learning through play and activities. Our PreSchool students are always learning, but through discovery!
  • Developmentally Appropriate Learning

    Each daily program provides age and developmentally appropriate, pre-academic learning in math, literature, and science, as well as fine and gross motor, speech and language acquisition, and social-emotional learning.
  • Movement & Outdoor Play

    Our outdoor play areas allow children to explore both big and small movement activities. Whether digging and planting or stretching and swinging on a playground structure, we know lots of movement is important for young children.

    Structured and unstructured times of movement are very important for developing bodies. Our PreSchool students have PE each week!
  • Multisensory Activities

    Children are able to express themselves uniquely and creatively through a variety of fun, multicultural, multisensory activities such as art, music, creative movement, and dramatic play.
  • Building Independence

    We support our young students in becoming independent with self-care of their bodies and materials.
  • Screenings & Assessment

    Our highly qualified teachers consistently observe and assess early childhood growth and development and communicate regularly with parents.