High School (9-12)

High School

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  • Grades 9-12

Chattanooga Christian School is committed to preparing students for further study at the nation’s top colleges and universities, for service to their communities, and for leadership in their respective fields of inquiry.

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  • 9:1

    Average Student to Teacher Ratio

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  • 30

    College Credits Available to High School Students

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  • 88%

    Students Scoring 3+
    on AP Exams

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  • 32

    National Merit Finalists & Commended Since 2009

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  • 25

    Average ACT Composite Since 2015

Our goal is to equip students to be faithful participants in God’s redemptive work.

We offer a comprehensive curricular program with honors and general college prep core courses. Students also have an opportunity to choose from an array of electives including studio art, band, choir, theatre, computer science, world language, and physical education.

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  • Academic & College Counseling

    Academic and College Counselors give attention to individual students' gifts, interests, and post-graduation plans by offering strength assessments, career guidance, support for all aspects of the college search and planning process, and oversight for the multiple details of the college and scholarship application process.
  • Assessment

    Just as assessment of appropriately measurable goals can provide insight into areas of strength and areas where improvement is needed for the whole instructional program, so classroom assessment can equip teachers to adjust rigor and instructional depth to meet individual student needs. Summative assessment allows a student to demonstrate mastery and understanding as a culmination of a unit or year of study, including overarching concepts, essential questions, and understandings. Formative assessment equips both teacher and student to evaluate the progress that is being made and to adjust teaching and learning in order to accomplish the goals that the summative assessment will measure. Effective assessment is both formative and summative. 

    Grades are intended to communicate the level of student mastery of course content and skill standards, and in the context of CCS, capacity to engage essential questions and enduring understandings. As a result, summative assessments comprise 50-70% of a student’s grade for a course.
  • Exceptional Education Program

    CCS provides comprehensive Exceptional Education services to facilitate student growth through necessary evaluation, intervention, accommodations, and modifications. Exceptional Education professionals work with faculty and staff in order for teachers to be able to meet a variety of student needs across ability levels. Alternate reading and math curricula are used as needed for students who require a different means of instruction.
  • Interim

    For a week during the third quarter, all regular classes are suspended, and students and teachers re-align to engage in a host of truly co-curricular activities. Teachers offer alternative “classes,” and students sign up according to their interests and course availability; these offerings have ranged from Japan trips to French cuisine to surfing in Florida to bass fishing on the Tennessee River.
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