Community Service

Fruitful Service

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  • to Christ

    Practically applying CCS's mission to prepare students for fruitful service to Christ and his Kingdom.
We desire that over the course of their academic career at CCS, students grow as lovers of God who seek Truth, serve others, and steward creation and culture. Our commitment to this kind of growth is manifested in part through active service within the school community and the broader community of Chattanooga.

Opportunities to Serve

Beginning in the Lower School, students have the opportunity to serve the Children’s Hospital at Erlanger and Ronald McDonald House in addition to participating in clubs at school such as the Campus Caretakers Club. In Middle School, service opportunities increase with the Service Council and Student Council positions, volunteer days with Widows Harvest Ministries, and an annual dance fundraiser that benefits a local nonprofit.

Community Service Course

Perhaps the greatest illustration of our commitment to service is the Community Service course that is an integral part of our curriculum. The Community Service Field Experience course at Chattanooga Christian School is much more than just a 1-semester, required course for seniors. In tandem with the Senior Bible Seminar, this class is the capstone to students' CCS Bible curriculum education and experience. The course is an intentional effort to afford students the opportunity to put "feet" on the mission of the school, implementing the aspects of leadership and service that they have learned throughout their years at CCS.

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  • Course Activities

    • Selecting and serving at a ministry with which CCS has a service partnership
    • Discussing big questions about service, compassion, and the Christian life
    • Spending time reflecting in writing on experiences and lessons learned through the course
    • Developing and sharing with peers a personal "Philosophy of Service"
  • Course Concepts

    • Serving others should be our response in obedience to Christ's command to love God first and then our neighbor.
    • Serving others is the lifestyle of a Christian.
    • Being exposed to the needs and struggles of others different from ourselves encourages grace and understanding.
    • Serving provides an opportunity to be changed personally while having a positive impact on the lives of others.
    • Confronting selfishness (serving self) and learning self-denial (serving others) are difficult but invaluable lessons.
    • Service is worship.

Selection of Service Location

When students are contemplating the location for their community service, the Community Service Director encourages students to serve in areas of personal interest, skill, or ability. For instance, if a student is interested in pursuing a teaching career, he or she may volunteer at a local public school. Or if a student is skilled with construction or landscaping, he or she may spend the semester working with Widows Harvest Ministries.

It is not uncommon for students to enjoy their Community Service assignment and the relationships they develop there so much that they request a second semester assignment. In fact, some alumni attribute their career and job choices to their eye-opening and influential experiences in their Community Service classes.

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