Who We Are

Mission & Values


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  • Mission

To prepare students to lead and serve with distinction while representing Christ and seeking his Kingdom in all areas of the home, church, society, and culture.

Rooted in the

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  • Gospel

    The most comprehensive educational environment plants the truth and beauty of God's redemptive work into the soil of our lives. That's why integrate this philosophy into every aspect of the school experience. It occurs while solving complex mathematical equations, participating in chapel, and engaging in co-curricular activities.

    Our hope is that students will see themselves as important characters in God's story who are called to the remarkable work of worshiping and glorifying him in all they say and do.

Making an

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  • Impact

    Our intent is for all of our students to grow as lovers of God who seeks Truth, serve others, and steward creation and culture. In our Graduate Profile, we explain how we hope to instill these core competencies and characteristics in our students. This vision for our graduates is the lens through which we plan and evaluate all curricular and co-curricular activities from the first day of kindergarten to the last day of high school. Our academic deans work together to build integrated plans across grade levels with these aims in mind.

Our Distinctives

In the context of a strong home, church, and school partnership, CCS seeks to orient
its programs and practice around five Philosophical Distinctives.