Who We Are

Graduate Profile


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  • Mission

To prepare students to lead and serve with distinction while representing Christ and seeking his Kingdom in all areas of the home, church, society, and culture.

Philosophical Distinctives

  • Grace-Filled Community
  • Integrated, Christ-Centered Discipleship
  • Individual Student Growth
  • Rigorous Curricular and Co-Curricular Programs
  • Truth-Based Critical Thinking

Graduate Profile

CCS is a place for students to grow as Lovers of God who seek Truth, serve others, and steward creation and culture.

In order that they might be come L​overs of God, we invite students to embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, to grow in godliness and wisdom, and to recognize the greatness and mercy of our Lord in every area of life. Our hope is that God’s redeeming love produce in each one a deep and abiding love for him that calls them to develop their distinctive abilities and gifts for his glory. We desire to equip each as they are able to s​eek Truth​ about God in his Word and his world,​ t​o ​serve others​ in recognition of their value as image-bearers, and to steward creation and culture​ toward full flourishing.

They seek Truth by . . .
1. Pursuing mastery of skills and deep understanding of concepts and systems
2. Engaging with others in discourse, research, and inquiry
3. Constructing and evaluating arguments
4. Cultivating intellectual and spiritual curiosity
5. Solving complex problems with creativity and careful thought
6. Curating resources that direct themselves and others to truth, beauty, and goodness
7. Committing to authentic fellowship in the body of Christ through active participation in a local

They serve others by . . .
1. Recognizing and valuing the image of God in all people
2. Leading and acting with humility and wisdom
3. Communicating humbly and effectively, with precision, clarity, and grace
4. Understanding the contexts that shape individuals, communities, cultures, and nations
5. Making peace in individual and communal relationships
6. Creating new, useful, or imaginative solutions that contribute to individual growth and broader
human flourishing
7. Giving generously of their time, talents, and treasures

They steward creation and culture by . . .
1. Using time, tools, talents, and resources with responsibility and discernment
2. Creating and crafting with beauty, generosity, and excellence
3. Acting as caretakers of creation, both locally and in the larger ecosystem
4. Nurturing their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health
5. Taking responsibility for the scope and weight of their actions in all areas of life
6. Producing artifacts, compositions, and experiences for a variety of purposes and audiences
7. Pursuing justice and wholeness where there is brokenness